Intent-Based Automation for Network Operations

NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAs)

NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAs) is the industry’s only intent-based hybrid network automation and visibility platform focused on automating network problem diagnosis at scale.
NetBrain PDAs transforms network operations by:
  • Automating the most common tasks for the most common problems by reducing ticket duration and MTTR - in most cases, cutting duration in half for up to 95% of all tickets.
  • Guiding operations through problem remediation using network understanding and a library of pre-built automations to accelerate ticket resolution.
  • Validating network intents to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for the applications and services your hybrid network supports.
  • The automation intelligence is built from the live network and continuously grows by putting individual IT expert know-how into no-code automation.
NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAs) is the most widely adopted network automation and visibility platform, providing network operators and engineers with an entirely new approach to hybrid network management, from the top-down based upon establishing and maintaining business intents rather than managing the thousands of individual device configurations. Today, more than 2,500 of the world’s largest enterprises and managed services providers use NetBrain to simplify their management tasks, reduce MTTRs, ensure compliance and provide a top-down understanding of how the network is supporting their business requirements directly. Learn more:


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